Please download my combined portfolio/CV, which highlights my work as a design researcher, design educator, & product designer. You can also download my academic CV.


Design Researcher

I have over six years of experience leading qualitative and quantitative design research studies, including individual interviews, focus groups, surveys, live prototyping sessions, eye tracking studies, market research, segmentation studies, and human factors analysis.


Design Educator

I integrate a learn by doing philosophy into all of the lectures and workshops I teach. I have developed curricula and taught lectures/workshops on topics such as prototyping, engineering design, design thinking, and technical communication to groups ranging from 15 to 100+ people. 


Product Designer

With degrees in my mechanical engineering, I have vast experiences designing innovative products over the last ten years. My prior projects have ranged from educational toys to a laparoscopic surgical device to aerospace equipment to a rural telemedicine health care system.