Design Methods & Tools

There are many design methods and toolkits available online. A few of my favorites include Berkeley/MIT's curated Design Exchange, IDEO's Design Kit, and Design For America's Loft. At the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre, we are currently working to create a set of Design Innovation (DI) learning modules.

Below, I have included a few of my own materials for teaching prototyping, human-centred design, and technical communication. This section is a continuous work-in-progress and I will upload more materials in the future.


Prototyping Workshop

I developed prototyping workshop materials to teach undergraduate and graduate engineering students about the importance of prototyping in the design process. This includes a prototyping warm-up activity using MockUps (created by Northwestern's Delta Lab), a 30-minute lecture, and two activities: first using our Prototyping Canvas to recognize assumptions and then planning to build three “pretotypes” to test those assumptions and answer specific questions. The goal of this workshop is to fundamentally shift students way of thinking about prototypes and get them into a build to think and fail forward mindset!


Human-Centered Design Workshop

As the founder of CU Boulder's Design for America (DFA) studio, I taught workshops on the human-centered design (HCD) process to students for three years. DFA uses an iterative six-step approach that is divided into two main sections: Understand and Create. Within Understand, students learn to identify, immerse, and reframe problems. Within Create, students then ideate, build, and test their solutions. I have adapted DFA's materials to embed them with my own examples and additional tools.


Technical Communication Workshop

I was trained in effective technical communication at Penn State University through the Engineering Ambassadors program. The basis for technical communication comes from Michael Alley's Assertion-Evidence approach. Since then, I have collaborated with Michael Alley and Christine Haas to teach effective communication to Simula and the University of Oslo. I also lead workshops at CU Boulder for engineering graduate students.